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Liquip offers a range of vapour recovery adaptors which provide users with a safe and efficient method for handling and transferring of product vapour. 

VCM450 Series
The VCM450 provides high flow rates into multiple compartments with minimal pressure drop across the adaptor and can be supplied with a proximity switch holder.

When connected to a female vapour coupler the adaptor poppet is pushed inwards to allow vapour flow and the coupler also pushes the striker plate of the adaptor forward to provide an electrical signal that the vapour recovery system is connected.

VCM3 Series
The VCM3 series is a poppet sealed cam and groove connection for truck vapour return lines.

The VCM3 series has an aluminium body with a 100mm (4") TTMA flange mounting. The seals are Viton and the shaft runs in a delrin bush.

A standard camlock will not fit into this adaptor, only an approved vapour coupler will fit.

NOTE: VCM3 series for use in Australia and NZ only.

Features & Benefits
  • High flow rates and low pressure drop.
  • Lightweight and study aluminium construction.
  • Designed to work with flow rates of up to 600m3/hour (10,000 litres per minute) at 20oC.
  • Automatic opening and closing.
  • All aluminium construction with stainless steel springs and Viton poppet seal.
  • Ability to add pneumatic or proximity switch (sold separately).
  • Sightglass for visual check of product in the vapour line - VCM450 only.
  • Universal connection - 100mm camlock.
  • Universal mounting - 100mm (4") TTMA flange.
  • Drain plug - VCM450 only.

Recommended products for replacement

    Technical Information

    Poppet opens under external pressure of 4-6 kPa for vacuum relief.

    Pressure drop less than 4 kPa at 6,000 litres/min flow of free air across coupled connection.

    Nosecone is standard 4” NATO camlock with interference selectivity ring to prevent wrong connection.

    NOTES: VCM450 is not suitable for use with AS 5602 compliant tankers which require interference selectivity ring for vapour adaptors (use VCM3 variants).

    Ordering Information

    VCM450: Vapour adaptor 100mm (4") flow through.

    VCM3P: Vapour adaptor with proximity switch holder.

    VCM3-F: Al Vapour adaptor 100mm Male to 100mm TTMA flange.

    Associated Equipment

    5544: Proximity switch (M30).

    VCF075W: Vapour Coupling 100mm female camlock to 100mm hosetail.

    VCF500: 4" Vapour Coupler with dunny lid.

    VCM-DC: Aluminium Dust Cap to suit VCM3-F.

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    VCM3-F Al Vapour adaptor 100mm Male to 100mm TTMA flange.
    VCM3P Vapour adaptor with proximity switch holder.
    VCM450 Vapour adaptor 100mm (4") flow through.

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