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Liquip South Australia


For many years we've been delivering cost-effective, specialist petrochemical dispensing and storage systems for the bulk liquid transport industry. Backed by Liquip Equipment Parts, we use and have access to the world's best fuel transfer, storage and monitoring systems and the know how to use them. You can too!


Located in Largs North, South Australia we are an authorised Liquip Equipment distributor and the regions leading solution provider of Road Tanker equipment solutions including servicing, maintenance and repair. We also specialise in the design and construction (along with all the associated maintenance and repair) of fuel terminals, depots and commercial fuel installations, including permanent and temporary storage and dispensing systems.

Liquip South Australia provide the following services:


  • Road tanker service and repairs
  • Tanker upgrades
  • SLP inspections
  • Tanker dispensing system repairs
  • Electronic and pneumatic repairs
  • Overfill system diagnostics and repairs
  • Meter, pump and hosereel installation, replacement and repairs
  • Diptronic Road tanker installations and repairs
  • Fully equipped in fabricating and the testing of hoses
  • On site service and repairs


  • Terminal and depot spares, repairs and maintenance
  • Terminal and depot installations for pumps, meters, loading arms and overfill systems


  • Automatic tank gauging systems for static installations
  • Fuel storage tank and dispensing systems maintenance and repairs
  • Tank and dispenser supply and installation

WHO IS LIQUIP South Australia?

Our mission is to supply our customers a range of specialist liquid handling products and technical services and deliver these with uncompromising performance.

Holding healthy stocks of Liquip’s well known tanker and fuel handling components and backed by a team of professionals with many years of experience in the industry.


Liquip International – Our and your partner for high quality bulk liquid transfer products.

Liquip International is a dynamic and robust company committed to continued growth as a leader in quality products and solutions for specialist fluid transfer applications. Having built its reputation for excellence over 40 years, supplying equipment for the bulk liquid handling and storage industry it now markets across the globe, and is renowned for its comprehensive product range with exceptional whole of life value.

The company recognises that its core strategic asset is its ability to innovate and rapidly develop new solutions within a changing world. Its investment in research and development and its rapid response to customer requirements clearly differentiates its product solutions. Vigorously pursuing electromatics and telematics to meet industry and customer demands for quicker information response times, load security, legislative alignment, and reduced operating costs.

To maximise investment, Liquip is partnering with other key technology companies across Australia and the world to deliver seamless solution. Its disciplined product evaluation and release to market protocols ensure quality and reliability and risk-free performance in the field.

The company also continues to build on its core competencies of innovative, reliable, safe and environmentally responsible products and customer service. Building great teams who then build great products and services is a cornerstone of Liquip’s future. Key appointments will continue to strengthen Liquip and increase its presence in the market place through the strategic acquisition and the establishment of Liquip businesses across Asia and North America.

In addition Liquip has built solid partnerships in more than 30 countries worldwide, including with us here in Victoria as the companies main distributor in Melbourne. This distribution network brings local knowledge, expertise and dedicated service to the most remote of markets. We believe partnering and creating real value for our customers and distribution partners will drive our ongoing success, just like our distribution partner.

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