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Basket Strainers


It is generally accepted that the presence of foreign matter in fluid handling systems is highly undesirable and can lead to the premature failure of critical high value items of equipment, such as pumps and meters. The installation of Basket Strainers is therefore highly recommended and widely practised in these systems.

The Basket Strainers offer the end user a very low pressure loss under high flow conditions and an extended operational life. They are supplied with a quick release lid as standard, and this feature allows the basket to be removed quickly with no special tools, hence minimising the downtime during basket cleaning. Basket removal is possible without the unit being fully drained. The lid is sealed with an O-Ring which gives the lowest possible clamping force with no gaskets required, and there is a side drain point to allow rapid drainage of the contents.

Features & Benefits
  • Cast Carbon Steel Body.
  • Rugged High Strength Design.
  • Stainless Steel High Capacity Low Pressure Loss Basket.
  • Choice of Basket Mesh Sizes.
  • PED Compliant.
  • Quick Release Lid, no special tools required for Basket removal.
  • Side Drain Point.
  • O-Ring Lid Seal, No Gaskets.
  • Optional Differential Pressure Tapping.
  • Optional Automatic Air Vent Valve.

Recommended products for replacement

    Technical Information


    Design Pressure
    20.0 BarG (290 psig).

    Test Pressure
    29.5 BarG (428 psig).
    (refer to flange tables for temperature limitations).

    ANSI B16.5 150lb raised face.

    External Finish
    Red oxide primer. Other paint finishes on request.

    Internal Finish
    Clean and oiled as standard.
    Abrasive blasted and painted with Copon EA4/EA9 white epoxy lining on request.

    Ordering Information

    For Ordering Information as well as Techinical Specifications, please refer to the datasheet.

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