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Deadman Assemblies


Excellent operator comfort

Deadman system is a safety device with intrinsically safe wiring that confirms a critical operation is constantly supervised.

Liquip deadman handle can connect to your deadman control system as required.

Liquip deadman handles are compact, durable and designed for maximum operator comfort. They contain a sealed micro-switch (enclosed in the handle) with a cable connection.

The handles require low operating force and are wear resistant. They are designed for the aviation environment and easy to assemble/disassemble. 


Features & Benefits
  • Aluminium design ensuring the handle is robust.
  • Various lengths of wire available.
  • Deadman handle assembly uses highly visible cable to improve safety especially at night.

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    Technical Information

    Aluminium body,
    Stainless steel lever, spring & screws.

    The deadman handle uses a micro switch for operation. The loading is started when the micro switch is activated. The device has to be held closed while a critical operation is taking place i.e. fueling an aircraft. If the device is released for more than say 1 minute the pump will stop thus preventing in the case of an accident spillage of large quantity of dangerous fuel. The handle has been made light and comfortable and in conjunction with an electrical timer and circuits creates a light easy to handle safety device.

    121mm high x 34mm wide x 70mm deep


    Working Length
    DMH102 - 10mtrs.
    DMH103 - 22mtrs.

    Ordering Information

    DMH100: ALUMINIUM Deadman handle.

    DMH102: COMPLETE Assembly (ALUMINIUM Deadman complete with short cable / curly cord).

    DMH103: COMPLETE Assembly (ALUMINIUM Deadman complete with long cable / curly cord).

    Associated Equipment

    Liquip Aviation hosereels.

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    DMH100 ALUMINIUM Deadman handle.
    DMH102 COMPLETE Assembly (ALUMINIUM Deadman complete with short cable / curly cord).
    DMH103 COMPLETE Assembly (ALUMINIUM Deadman complete with longcable / curly cord).

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