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Liquip’s 3” Hot Air swivel has been custom engineered for use on
dry bulk tankers. This lightweight swivel can be fitted between the
hot air blower on the prime mover and the trailer liquification jet to
remove torque forces on hoses transferring hot air.

This swivel is not suitable for use with liquids.

Features & Benefits
  • Automatic operation (once fitted), providing low friction 360º rotation around its axis.
  • Hard anodised aluminium bodies to avoid threads seizing. 
  • Deep groove ball bearing fitted for higher load capacity and long life.
  • Low friction PTFE seals able to withstand extreme temperatures. 
  • High temperature bearing grease ensuring suitability for up to 150ºC.
  • Installation tool (available separately) designed to match housing and ensure the swivel will achieve a tight fit. 
  • Grease nipple for regular maintenance and servicing.

Recommended products for replacement

    Technical Information

    Hard anodised aluminium body
    PTFE packing seals
    Steel deep groove ball bearing
    Zinc plated steel taptite torx screws


    3” Female BSPT thread and 3” Male BSPT thread
    DBS080-TOOL (available separately) uses machined flats on both ends for tight fitting

    Less than 150mm diameter x 119mm overall length

    Minimum Ø68 bore

    Temperature tested up to 150ºC

    Adjustment or Service
    Periodically grease with high temperature bearing grease. Swivel can be disassembled to inspect and replace low-friction PTFE seals or bearing if necessary.

    Allow to cool and remove from installed location to workbench. Remove 4 outer screws and pull female threaded body in opposite direction. 
    The inner seal is located inside the body. Remove 4 inner screws to separate tail retainer from male threaded tail. With mail thread upwards, push down on body retainer to slide bearing off the tail. The outer seal is located inside the body retainer.
    Reverse procedure to reassemble.

    Ordering Information

    DBS080: 3” Hot Air Swivel for Dry Bulk Discharge.
    DBS080-TOOL: DBS080 installation tool.

    Associated Equipment

    LM Series Hatches
    T-Series Hopper Tees
    Aeration Butterfly Valves
    VC0322 - 3” Check valves

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    DBS080 3” Hot Air Swivel for Dry Bulk Discharge.
    DBS080-TOOL DBS080 installation tool.

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