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Chemical Range of Chemically Compatible Products

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Liquip are offering a new chemical range of products that includes overfill protection probes, chemical bottom valves, and chemical truck and terminal couplers.
FFKM (a perfluroelastomer commonly known as Ekraz or Kalrez) is one of the most chemically resistant materials available and is suitable for some of the harshest chemical compounds. FFKM is commonly used with aggressive, corrosive and reactive chemicals.

The Liquip SLV5-AROC Chemical Trim (FFKM) Valve leads the industry with its low profile, low splash and vortex free design which minimises static and also enables faster tanker unloading than traditional mushroom poppet valves. It is used globally by road tankers and has become a benchmark for the industry.

The API496C is a Chemical Trim API Adaptor that conforms to API RP1004. It has been designed to be compatible with various chemicals. It has been engineered to offer quality bottom loading through excellent performance and maximum safety. Supplied with a drain plug (1/2” BSPT), sightglass and sightglass blanking plate.

LDP200 Series Stainless Steel Overfill Probes
Liquip’s LDP200 Series Stainless Steel Overfill Probes are used in overfill prevention systems on road tankers and storage tanks to detect the presence of a liquid at a defined level. The probe’s stainless steel body & FFKM seals provide superior resistance to chemical corrosion, making them well suited to petroleum as well as chemical industry applications.

API800 Series Chemical Trim Coupler
The API81xC is a chemical trim bottom loading dry-break coupler with automatic latching. It is available in a long and short handle model with FFKM seals. The API81xC coupler improves site safety at chemical terminals by lifting hoses off the ground and reducing manual handling