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Self Bunded Fuel Tank Solutions by Liquip South Australia


Enjoy more storage litres for less dollars thanks to our cost-effective range of quality above ground HOST Self Bunded Storage Tank Solutions.

Whether you're storing diesel, unleaded (ULP) fuel, AVGas, AdBlue, lubricants, liquid foods, chemicals or other hazardous and non-hazardous fluids, we have an approved and certified Self Bunded Tank Solution to suit. Our smallest Self Bunded Tank cubes starts at just 1,000 litres and range right up to 115,700 litres.

Six tank ranges to choose from.

Discover why more Australian businesses are choosing our range of HOST Self Bunded Tanks and custom pumping and management systems to safely store and dispense their bulk liquids.


Our main range, the HOST ISO Classics, are built to Australian Standards: AS1940, AS1692 and AS1657. Offering safe bulk liquid storage,  as well as duel storage options, sizes start at 12,000 litres and extend through to 115,700 litres. 

We can also design and set up fuel and lube farms where multiples of these Self Bunded Tanks are linked to provide up to one million litres of onsite bulk storage.



Our second, smaller Self Contained Tanks, the HOST Cubes Range, offer a more cost-effective and reduced footprint option for users requiring a more easily relocatable and stackable solution.

There are multiple tank sizes in the range, ranging in size from 1,000 to 10,000 litres. They offer outstanding quality and performance and can be run as a total off grid bulk liquid storage solution, using a solar energy power system if required.



For the safe and economical storage of AdBlue we have a new range of AdBlue stainless steel internal tanks.

Available sizes ranging from 3,000L to  20,000L (including a SLIMLINE) these tanks are built to the highest international standards to prevent against contamination with other products, the environment and to safely store this corrosive liquid. All tanks are insulated between tank walls to ensure a consistent internal temperature of the solution.


HOST Aviation SBTs

Built to Australian Standards: AS1940, AS1692 and AS1657 these tanks can store Jet Fuel and AVgas. There are 7 tanks in the range with sizes starting at 12,000 litres and extending through to 115,000 litres. 

We can also design and set up aviation fuel farms where multiples of these tanks are linked together to provide up to one million litres of onsite fuel storage.


HOST Single Wall Farm Tanks

A single wall round diesel fuel tank, these are ideally suited for the cost-effective storage and dispensing of diesel on agricultural properties. Available in three sizes: 4,500L, 8,500L and 17,500L  they are the perfect budget conscious choice. 

Complete turnkey pumping and fuel managements systems that can be added to these tanks, providing you a 'ready to go' solution.


Fire Rated Tanks

In situations where you require a fire proof tank we can supply and fit the trusted Fireguard® Tank design. Incorporating lightweight thermal insulation encased between two walls of steel, this double wall steel storage tank design provides secondary containment and eliminates the risk of combustion
in a fire.


Customised pump dispensing and bulk liquid management systems for your self bunded tank.

We also design and supply fuel pumping and management solutions to be installed on your chosen tank, supplied to you as a complete turnkey solution. You may also supply us your own tank to be fitted out out by or expert team.

Fuel Management Systems

We are focused on offering innovative, cost-effective Fuel Management Systems that can help report and manage your bulk liquid usage. Each system is unique and can offer different functionality and deliver multiple outcomes. No two payment systems, software packages, wireless devices or bowsers are the same. Each can be combined with a software package (or online web access), allowing users to view up-to-the-minute data.


Tank Dispensing

To meet your tank dispensing needs any of our SBTs can be fitted with a customised pumping and dispensing system. Budget, dispensing and filling speed, monitoring, powering and at pump payment set-ups are all considered when consulting on and designing the system.

Fit-outs are completed in our workshop, enabling the supply of a complete turn-key solution to site, ready to be installed and commissioned for use.


Tank Filling Systems

Top filling of small storage tanks is a dangerous operation. Thanks to Liquip we can address the situation with our patented bottom filling system.



You're are not just buying a tank, you're buying a complete bulk liquid storage solution, professionally fitted, set-up and ready to go.

All our SBTs can be packaged and completed with high quality dispensing equipment, pumps, meters and fuel management options. We offer many different fit-out solutions, enabling you to customise your dispensing option to suit your requirements – such as adding a payment system or using a solar energy power system to power it. Our expert team are also at your disposal to fit-out tanks, others than ours, with a pump dispensing solution.


Our complete SBT turnkey solutions include:

  • Selection and advice on the best suited Self Bunded Storage Tank for the application at hand. 
  • The choice of multiple pump dispensing and monitoring systems. Standard packages can be tailored and upgraded to meet an identified budget, flow rate, powering, payment and monitoring requirements.
  • Delivery, installation and set-up of the tank on-site, along with commissioning. This allows the tank to be filled and operational faster.
  • On-going on-site servicing and maintenance option, taking the worry out of future failures.

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